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Driveshaft Machining andRebuilding Equipment

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All lathes come with the finest quality Driveshaft Tooling available in the US today.

You're a Professional, don't settle for anything less!

Without a hollow spindle lathe you only have half a drive shaft shop

Model 2012-G

Comes Complete With All Tooling

Hollow Spindle Cut Off Lathe

To build a driveshaft you sometimes have to perform time consuming tasks, like cutting out welds, cutting tubing, squaring the ends of the tubing and dressing those ends for welding prior to pressing in the new yokes or stubs. Time is money and saving time is making money. There is no better "time saver" in your shop than a Dial ShaftCutter.

Available in 7" or the 10" Magnum Bore


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Yoke Removal and Tube Dressing
Speed 100 RPM *
Spindle Bore 10" (250mm)
Chuck Opening 9.375" (238mm)
Chuck Type 3 Jaw
Horsepower 7.5 HP
Power Requirements 208-230 Volt 3 Phase
Dimensions 57" H X 35" D X 67 L
Shipping Weight 3,500 lb.
**Specifications subject to change * Variable speed available


One of the most versatile machines in the Drive Shaft Shop

Shown without Chuck Guard

Dial TubeMaster Model 2040

Also available are Auto Feed systems and Threading capabilities. Available either with a 7" bore or 10" Magnum bore.

Hollow Spindle Combination Lathe

You're a skilled Drive Shaft Technician - You need flexibility

Without doubt one of the most versatile machines in the driveline shop. This unit is a true machine lathe with all of the features of the "cut off" lathe but with a tail stock. This unit comes with bed lengths of 40" (standard) or an optional 60" bed length.



Machining out a Heavy Duty Yoke

Speed 25-400 RPM
Spindle Bore 10" (250mm)
Chuck Opening 9.375" (238mm)
Chuck Type 3 Jaw
Horsepower 7.5 HP
Power Requirements 208-230 Volt 3 Phase
Dimensions 68" H X 43" D X 89" L
Shipping Weight 4,000 lb

TubeMaster 7" AFT

Comes with complete tooling package

Shown without Chuck Guard

Hollow Spindle Combination Lathe With Auto - Feed and Threading Capabilities

The Drive Line industry has clamored for years for a big bore hollow spindle lathe with auto feed and threading capabilities. Well, here it is. . .available in both 7" and 10" bore sizes with 40" or 60" bed lengths. To our knowledge there is nothing like this lathe any where in the United States. Want more information? Give us a call at 800- 645- 8652.


 Large Bore "Boring" Operation


7" Units 10" Units
Speed 0-400 RPM  10" (250mm)
Chuck Opening 7" (177mm) 9/375" (238mm)
Chuck Type 3 Jaw 3 Jaw
Horsepower 5 HP 7.5 HP
Power Requirements 208-230 Volt 3 Phase 208-230 Volt 3 Phase
Dimensions 57"H X 35"D X 67"L 57"H X 35"D X 67"L
Shipping Weight 3,300 lb. 4,000 lb.


The removal of a yoke or stub, can be a real exercise in futility. If its an RPL or SPL yoke, it will likely take  a young "bull" and a very big hammer and a very long time before that tube will finally release the part. 

With the Dial yoke puller, you machine out the weld to where its flush with the surface of the tube, then continue machining, but no further than the thickness of the tube wall.  The "jaws" of the puller will now fit into the machined kerf and hydraulically remove the yoke or stub. Take a look at the "You Tube" video.

See yokes and stubs being machined out and then removed using the YP-4 Yoke and Stub Puller.
You Tube Video

Dial's Vibratory Drive Shaft Cleaning Machine

Cleans, Degreases, Removes Rust and Buffs in one operation.

Your customer will swear you are giving them back a new shaft. 

Rebuild a clean driveshaft instead of a dirty one.  Environmentally Safe!



For good used Driveshaft Balancing/Rebuilding Equipment Always Check  Used Drive Shaft Balancers
 E-Mail  Or call us at 800-645-8652