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Heavy Duty Truck Brake Delining/Relining Machinery, Parts and Supplies

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The machines listed below when added to the Reline Shop comprise the Dial "D-System" This system was designed to  allow small to medium reliners the ability to compete with the "mass reliners" of the industry. All for a "package"price well under $70,000.00 This equipment is sold both as a package and as individual pieces. Call us at 800-645-8652 for more information. 

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Nothing beats the power scrubbing and performance of a Dial Tumbler Waterblaster in cleaning heavy duty truck brake shoes. Clean an average of up to 400 shoes per 8 hr shift.

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"BrakeMaster"  Single Punch Hydraulic Deliner. This unit delines an average 300 + Shoes per 8 hour Shift. It's hydraulic action provides an operation that is smooth and precise. The old brake block is removed in ONE piece and simply placed in the box that the new lining came in. This method of removing old lining is clean, efficient and economical.

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Fast, efficient & economical shot blasting of heavy duty truck brake shoes( an average up to 400 per day). Comes equipped with a self cleaning canister dust collector that is (sized for a 55 gallon drum).

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The best method for painting heavy duty truck brake shoes. Paint is raised and lowered via your shop air. Paint floods the upper compartment then drains down to the lower compartment leaving you with 18 beautifully painted shoes with not a drop spilled. Cycle time: One minute, 30 seconds (approx.).

To read more about this machine in use, click here  Dsystem.htm

  Presenting the world's most popular heavy duty truck brake shoe riveter - The National Model 800 automatic riveter. There is a reason that this machine is the choice of so many "reliners". It is simply the best. An experienced operator easily relines an average shoe in less than a minute, usually in 35 to 40 seconds. These are completely refurbished with a 30 day "no questions asked, money back guarantee."

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Rivets, Rivet Anvils, Push Pins, Brake Shoe Paint, and Deliner Parts



Best Prices

Dial's Rivet Anvils for National, BMS and Chicago Riveters are made of a new "carbolite" steel, heat treated, tested for Rockwell hardness and then assembled with the greatest attention to detail. This unsurpassed quality is held true for our line of delining push pins.  These "Long Life" pins are held to exacting standards and are designed to fit both Dial and BMS delining machines.

Dial's Rivets are of unsurpassed quality, They clinch tight and hold tight. Call for prices and introductory offers. 

Parts for SPHD 

Parts for the Single Punch Hydraulic Deliner (Both Dial & BMS) Don't see the part you need on this web site call. We have the Hydraulic Cylinders, Seal Kits, and Power Units.

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A paint specifically formulated for Heavy Duty Truck Brake Shoes. For a detailed article on painting Truck Brake shoes refer to this past issue of the Drive Line You will need Acrobat reader.  If you don't have Acrobat Reader click on the icon at the top of this page and down load it free.


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Blaster Blades fit Dial, LS, ARE and Viking machines. Computer designed and manufactured, then heat treated for long life.  Always keep an extra set on hand. Break a blade with no spare is like running out of toilet paper.

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Blaster and Washer replacement baskets and screens. Computer designed and manufactured and then heat treated for long life.  All of our screens are replaceable and are Rockwell tested for hardness. Specialty baskets are available as well as all sizes. Call for details.