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The best lathes are powerful, reliable and easy to operate. That's why they call them Dial.

At last an Oil Country Lathe that's not going to bust your budget.  A "DIAL" Oil County" lathe provides the finest quality at a price that's very affordable.  With four different models to choose from,  finding one to fit your needs couldn't be easier.

These units are built with the same fine materials, and craftsmanship found in all of Dial's big bore hollow spindle lathes.  At Dial, "Value" is our middle name. Need financing? We have that as well.

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Fagor 8055T controller with 10" Monitor* 380mm (15") roller type steady rest
Automatic lubrication system Four way tool post
Coolant equipment Leveling bolts & nuts
Work lamp Tool box & service tools
* Funuc controller may chosen in lieu of the Fagor at no additional charge.


Dial 3200 Series Specifications

Swing over bed 800mm 31.49"

Z axis travel (mm)                 Model   3260

1320mm 51.96"
Swing over cross slide 510mm 20.07"

Model    3280

1820mm 71.65"
Swing in gap 1100mm 43.30"

 Model   32120

2820mm 111.02"
Centers height 400mm 15.74"

Model  32160

3820mm 150.39"

Centers distance        Model 3260

1.5M 59.00" X axis travel 550mm 21.65"

                         Model   3280

2M 78.74" Quill taper


                        Model 32120

3M 118.11" Quill diameter 105mm 4.13"

                         Model 32160

4M 157.48" Quill travel 275mm 10.8"
Width of bed 550mm 21.65" Cutting tool

32mmX  32mm

1.26" X 1.26"
Cross slide width 300mm 11.81" Positioning accuracy 0.01mm/300mm 0.00039/11.81"
Spindle bores available 250mm 9.84" Repeatability accuracy  accuracy 0.005mm .00019"
305mm 12.00" Spindle run-out 0.01mm 0.00039"
380mm 14.96" Main motor (A.C) 30HP (40HP)
X/Z axis motor 2kw/3kw
Spindle speed (4 steps) 4-600 RPM Coolant pump 1/4HP
Spindle nose A2-15 (A2-20) Net weight  kgs/lbs  Model 3260 4500 kgs 9900 lb
Z axis ball screw 63mm (2.48")xP10                                      Model  3280 5000 kgs 11000 lb
X axis ball screw 40mm (1.57") x P5                                      Model 32120 6000 kgs 13200 lb
Rapid traverse X/Z 6000/8000mm (236/315")  per min

                                     Model 32160

7000 kgs 15400 lb
Specifications are subject to change without notice

                                                                                     Optional Accessories

1000mm (39.37") swing over bed

Chip conveyor

305mm (12.00") spindle bore (A2-20) Hollow type hydraulic 3-jaw chuck Photo
380mm (14.96") spindle bore (A2-20) 4-jaw 609.6mm (24") independent chuck Photo
Follow Rest Hydraulic tailstock  Photo
Double chuck mechanism Automatic electric horizontal 4-way tool post  Photo
Manual 3-jaw chuck Automatic  hydraulic horizontal 4-way tool post (H4)  Photo
279.4mm (11") LCD monitor  Automatic hydraulic vertical 8 station turret (V8)  Photo
MT #6 Live Center Automatic spindle speed change Photo
Brand New....Funuc Standard....Specifications to come...Can't wait?  Call

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